How We Grade Our Items

Head2Soles is full of new and used items from our large inventory along with items from our different consigners around the world. 

We made this grading scale to give our customers the best idea about the condition of the item they are looking at. If you have any additional questions, please "Contact Us"!

If the item is stated as "Preowned" please use the grading system along with the pictures provided to make sure the item fits your personal standards. USE YOUR OWN JUDGMENT!

Grade A: The item has no flaws or signs of major wear. Item is in very mint condition, but still preowned. 

Grade B: The item may have minor flaws and slight wear. Item has been worn lightly. 

Grade C: The item may have flaws such as: light color fading, light graphic wear/cracking, light sole wear, and or light creasing. Item has been worn generously. 

Grade D: The item may have flaws such as: clear color fading, graphic wear/cracking, sole wear, and or creasing, . Item has been worn heavily. 

Grade F: The item has extreme signs of wear and use.